Our Story and Values

We live on the Gold Coast in Sunny Queensland and have been married for nearly 40 years. Throughout this life journey we have raised a family and developed a passion around good health and optimal lifestyle choices. 

Life is amazing and if we can maintain good health why would you want the ride to stop?

We believe that all of us have the power through our daily nutritional and lifestyle  choices to enjoy a more vibrant, healthy and longer life.

The body is the healing mechanism. Everything we expose our body to should activate or reactivate this healing mechanism. Good, clean nutrient dense foods are our fuel to fire up the body’s natural inbuilt defense mechanisms.

We believe that the way you start your day determines how well you finish your day. The Accelerant was formulated and created to equip our body and mind to perform throughout the day at their peak without the need for an addictive stimulant/crash cycle.

Each ingredient has a purpose and was carefully selected and blended together (see to achieve the perfect 'morning routine' to ignite your day with sustained energy, clear thinking  and balance for the day ahead.

If you are interested you can read more about our background at . 

We have plans to market many more similar products that are original and unique creations based on our family heritages, life experience and passionate research into health and wellbeing.

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A healthy and very effective night time formulation to assist in a restful and sweet uninterrupted sleep!

All the best

Dean and Brigitte